Little Owls Day Nursery Mascots at Snowy and Barn Owls

Parents has your child taken one of our Nursery Mascots home to stay yet? We have nursery mascots in our Snowy Owl (visit) and Barn Owl (visit) rooms in both of our settings

Enjoy our latest nursery Blog all about Biddy one of our Barn Owls Toftwood mascots.

Biddy comes to stay!

Biddy the owl is just one of the Little Owls Nursery mascots that you can bring home for the weekend or a special occasion such as a holiday.
They come with their own book you can sign out where you can fill in what adventures you got up too.
Each room has one that you can book out by speaking to the nursery staff.
We had decided as this was Elijah’s last year and one of his favourite times of year we would bring Biddy home for a Christmas weekend a la Cockerill!
I have seen many memes online about the pressure of parents trying to outdo each other by taking mascots on a fantastic holiday or event and I have to admit I felt a bit worried our weekend wouldn’t quite make the standard Biddy was used to especially as she just jetted back from Tenerife!
There was some unspoken pressure as she sat on Elijah’s bed ready for her weekend of fun to start!

Norfolk Childcare Little Owls Day Nursery (2)

Elijah was very excited to bring something he has in nursery back to his home, and it does strengthen the home- nursery link even further.
I am sure we have all seen the Peppa Pig episode of ‘Teddy Playgroup’, where Daddy Pig ends up losing her. As our track record goes, I was slightly worried she would be left in Poundland by mistake, or she would find her way into Dad’s work bag and would begin a new career of kitchen mascot at Wetherspoons.
Poor Biddy didn’t get off to a good start when she came home last Thursday with a poorly Elijah and began her weekend adventures tucked up in bed with him.
On Friday when Elijah was feeling a bit better we did some Christmas crafts (with me saving Biddy from a gluey fate and felt tipped one year old yelling ‘BEEEEDYYY’) and I may have got carried away snapping pics of her with Kevin the carrot and family whilst Elijah looked on at me bemused whilst I thought I was a comedy genius.
As I put Elijah to bed I noticed that he had set up Biddy a little bed in an old suitcase complete with blanket and her own teddy, he wasn’t happy when I said that she couldn’t go in the bath with him though.
I work on Saturdays so I left the boys up to their own devices and of course poor Biddy was forgotten about and left in bed for the whole day!
Sunday came around and we had a fun filled Christmas day up Norwich planned for Biddy and the children including a special visit to Father Christmas!
Elijah had lots of fun taking Biddy around Norwich and having his photo taken at the Chapelfield bauble, lunch at MCD and the ‘tunnel of lights’ (yes I did spend a considerable amount of time timing it just right for the photo! Hahahaha).
But, it really was mission accomplished when we went to Jarrolds toy department and brought tickets to see Father Christmas and the elves who were more than willing to have their photo taken with Biddy!

Norfolk Childcare Little Owls Day Nursery (1)

It was like we were carrying around a little celebrity for the day.
We took lots of photos that we wanted all the Barn Owls to see and think were fun, especially when everyone is so excited for Christmas at the moment!
Elijah really enjoyed bringing Biddy home for the weekend and showing her everything including the cats’ litter tray for some reason, and enjoyed her coming with him to meet Father Christmas.
I for one, am slightly glad she has now gone back home to nursery as trying to keep her away from a sticky and very inquisitive one year old yelling ‘BEEEEDDDDDDYYYY’ was getting a bit much!
She has now since returned to her shelf in the yellow room, so don’t forget to book Biddy or your child’s room mascot out.
It will be nice to look back on in years to come, and I think we will all remember the weekend when ‘BEEEDDDDDYY’ came to visit us and the litter tray.

Vicki Cockerill is a Freelance Content Writer and NICU/CHD Mum to two boys, she authors The Honest Confessions Of A NICU Mum Blog, founded and runs The NICU Parent Partnership Organisation and co-hosts @KnackeredandNorwich Social Club. You can contact her via her blog or social media;
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