Little Owls Running Club – City of Norwich Half Marathon 2020

Dear Families

Little Owls Running Club – City of Norwich Half Marathon 2020

Are you already thinking about your New Year’s resolutions?? If so, lots of us will make a resolution to keep fit and we may find the hardest part of this is finding somebody to keep fit with or to have the support of somebody to train with.

For the past three years I have taken part In the City of Norwich Half Marathon and I have always seen a large selection of our nursery parents competing as well. I therefore thought it might be a good idea if we were to form a running club, in January, so we can train together and help prepare for the half marathon as a group. However, if you wish to join us and not take part in the half marathon that would be absolutely fine.

The half marathon will take place on Sunday 5th April 2020 at the Norfolk Showground and is a great day with a wonderful atmosphere before and after the race. I will be taking part alongside Hayley and Sharon from the office, (there’s no going back now Hayley and Sharon! ) So, if you would like to join us please read below.

Hayley’s husband Matt Gibbard has already completed numerous half marathon’s and competed in the London Marathon this year. Matt has agreed to act as our running coach, and he will be designing a training programme for us to follow to ensure that we are fully prepared to successfully complete the half marathon course.

Please note that our motto will be:     It’s all about the finishing line rather than the finishing time

As December is a very busy time for all parents our aim will be to commence our Little Owls club in January, and we will initially complete a 3 or 4 mile run around the streets of Toftwood increasing this distance over the following weeks to build up our strength and stamina. Therefore, if you have not run before there is enough time to commence your training whilst you build up to this distance. There is virtually 5 months left until the half marathon. This will also mean we can all comfortably complete 3 or 4 miles in January.

So, if your New Year’s resolution is to start running or to compete in a half marathon please consider joining our Little Owls running club in January. Our first running club “meet” will be on Wednesday 8th January at 6.30pm from our Little Owls Toftwood nursery. I would personally like to thank Matt for dedicating his time in preparing our training programme and for donating his time in allowing us to form our running club.

Should you wish to enter the half marathon please click on the link below.

If you are interested in joining our running club, irrespective of experience, please register your interest at:

Choosing a charity

Also, over the past three years we have always supported our nursery families by fundraising for some wonderful charities close to our nursery families hearts whilst participating in the half marathon. This year we have chosen to run for Harmonie, who used to attend our Little Owls Scarning nursery and now attends our Hoots after school club with her brother Henley. Please read the following from Harmonie’s mother, Annie.

“While at work on 15th June 2019, I received the phone call every parent dreads. My six-year-old daughter, Harmonie had suffered asevere seizure and the East Anglian Air Ambulance was on its way. The Air Ambulance arrived quickly, and the Paramedics administered medication and managed to stabilise her condition. Crew from the Air Ambulance accompanied her to hospital. She suffered two more seizures on the way. When I arrived at the hospital, doctors were considering intubation and they suspected a rare brain infection. After four nights in hospital, Harmonie was given the all clear and no brain infection had been detected. Recently, after suffering numerous other seizures and having further investigations, Harmonie has finally been diagnosed with Epilepsy. We are now learning to live with her condition and to control her symptoms. Had it not been for the swift response for the Air Ambulance during that first seizure, I dread to think of the outcome. I am so grateful to all the crew for helping my daughter. East Anglian Air Ambulance helps countless people and saves many lives, yet receives no government funding and relies solely on public donations and fundraising. We are so grateful for any contribution people can make, to support not only us, but the tireless work of the East Anglian Air Ambulance.”

Therefore, we would like to raise funds to support the East Anglian Air Ambulance. We will be launching our just giving page in the New Year and hope that if you are able to support this wonderful charity you will be able to make a donation, which will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support

Kindest regards