Well Being Week at Little Owls Day Nursery

Parents our Well-being week at Little Owls Day Nurseries has commenced !!!.

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Never have I been more aware of my mental health and well-being than when I became a parent. After a long night of no sleep, and trying to keep up with the kids before you know it is nearly 15.00 and you realise you haven’t eaten, you’re overwhelmed and wondering if you can make it to bedtime. By the end of the week you feel emotionally exhausted.
Busy schedule
The lives we now lead are so different to that than a generation or so ago. With work pressures, family life and social media encroaching all aspects of a day to day routines it can make you feel drained and feeling low.
Your well-being as a parent tends to come second, self-care is still seen as selfish but if we are not looking after ourselves what example are we setting to our children?
13th-17th August
I don’t know about you, but I don’t even know where to begin to nurture mine or my child’s well-being. So, I am very excited to full immerse myself and Elijah into the Little Owls Day Nursery’s well-being week taking place 13th -17th August.
This is a whole week dedicated to educating and promoting wellbeing among staff, children and parents. Little Owl’s Manager Holly, has spent a considerable amount of time researching, training and putting together well-being week designed for everyone both at home and within the Little Owl nurseries throughout the week to celebrate well-being which is something very much needed to balance out our busy lives.
What is the first thing you check when you wake up or before you go to bed? If your anything like the millions of people across the world then chances are it is your smart phone. Many experts have revealed that the development of smart phones, and social media is in fact damaging to our well-being.
We also know that now a days this also filters down to the kids. My three year old can unlock my phone and has limited access to ‘tablet time’, and my one year old seems to know how to take a selfie better than me. But is too much screen time damaging them? We all rely on C Beebies to get us through those early mornings but how much really is too much?
On Monday, and to kick off the week there will be a ‘no screen day’ where staff, children and parents have been encouraged to pledge a day of no screens and instead to focus on developing communication and building relationships so put down your phone, stop scrolling through Instagram and get down and play with your littleys, you’ll be surprised about how much you enjoy it!
Tuesday will see the them of ‘Keep on learning’, and will give the children a chance to learn a skill from the staff and parents whether it be singing, painting or even baking! You may even discover your little person discovers a new passion!
There is nothing better than the feeling after doing a physical activity to improve your mood and release the endorphins and on Wednesday parents are invited to come into the nursery and take part in an active story café which will see lots of activities to promote physical wellbeing. The staff have spent a considerable amount of time creating and learning about the benefits of physical activity to introduce them to you so you can even give them a go at home!
What are you grateful for? Whether it be big and small it can get overlooked so the Barn Owl children will be encouraged along with staff and parents to express their gratitude on Thursday and take part in some yoga to teach mindfulness.
To end such a brilliant and thought provoking week sees everyone at both Toftwood and Scarning settings give back. Children will be dressing up to fund raise for a truly worthwhile cause; ‘Denver’s Journey’, and the nursery will be passing on donations in the form of food and toiletries to the Tressell Trust for families in crisis.
This is the first well-being week of it’s kind and both managers and staff have gone above and beyond to bring this very unique week

Vicki Cockerill
Freelance Writer and Social Media Outreach Specialist