Lots of new arrivals. Very exciting!

We have had a egg-citing delivery today in Barn Owls , Sharon has brought down our chicks which we are going to observe and watch them grow !
We have held a discussion which has been sparking conversations all about the special eggs ,
‘ it’s a T-Rex ‘
‘ it’s going to peck ‘
‘ will it be fluffy?’
Please visit our closed parents page for a video of our discussion.

We have a very exciting new addition to our barn owl family at Little Owls Scarning to introduce to you all……
Barney the hamster
The children have excitedly been counting down the sleeps to Barney’s arrival!
Barney had a sleep over in the nursery office yesterday and kept Laura company whilst she got herself familiar to her new surroundings/environment.
Today Barney came out in barn owls to say hello to all her new friends
The children have been very inquisitive and extremely interested and spent a lot of time watching her in the cage.
The children have all been very good at understanding we need to be very quiet when near the cage and very gentle as Barney gets used to us all in her new home.
The children could not wait to get up close to Barney and give her a gentle stroke!
Barney had fun in her ball exploring around the circle at group time!
“She’s so cute”
“Can I hold her”
“She’s having a wash”.
“ she’s hiding in her tunnel”
“She’s climbing”
“She’s very cheeky”
“Can she come out now”
“She’s moves quick”
“ shhhh we have to be quiet so we don’t scare her”.
What a wonderful experience for our children at Little Owls.

Please give a warm welcome to Woody and Buzz our new barn owl red pets !
We cannot wait to watch them grow and get use to their surroundings, some Barn owls have been lucky enough to give the fish their first ever meal at barn owls .
Woody and Buzz can’t wait to see you and meet you all this week!

Today in barn owls we had our New arrivals -‘Fish and Chip’! Barn owls were very excited to introduce fish and chip to their new home and made some lovely fish pictures for them! Barn owls enjoyed feeding the fish and singing to them too Well Done Barn Owls..