Lots to celebrate this week at Little Owls

New garden equipment

Our Snowy Owl Toftwood Children have had lots of fun exploring some of their new garden equipment this morning!

The children worked together to find out how to use the pump to make the water come out of the pipes, they had lots of fun splashing in the water and adding different toys to the trays.

They even used the water to clean some of their toys!

Good work Snowy Owls


Children in need

At Little Owls Scarning, all our nurseries have enjoyed participating in fun activities to celebrate and raise money for Children in Need.

Our barn Owls had lots of fun making Pudsey ear headbands and going on a treasure hunt to find Pudsey cards.

Our Snowy Owls had lots of fun playing parachute games and our Tawny Owls decorated Pudsey pictures with yellow paint and glitter!

The children had lots of fun!

Thank you to all our families for their donations for this wonderful cause! We shall tally up our donations with Toftwood and let you know the total amount next week.


nursery handprints

Celebrating Diwali

Today Tawny Owls at Scarning celebrated Diwali with a range of fabulous activities.

They started the morning with some calming yoga. The babies listened to Indian music as they created some Diwali inspired yoga poses such as the temple, star and candle! The room was dimmed with some fairy lights for the babies to examine and enhance their sense. They watched fairy lights twinkle as they explored different ways of moving from the candle pose to the temple pose.

The babies also created some beautiful Rangoli Mandalaa using their own individual play dough.

They had lots of fun assembling the glitter and sequins to the dough.

nursery handprints

Snowman tray

This morning in Barn Owls Yellow we have been busy investigating our snowman tray.

We focused on what our snowman needs and the children correctly identified arms and legs.

The children worked well together to form arms, legs and even a fluffy hat to keep our snowman warm.

Well done Barn Owls!

We had a surprise visitor

Monday our countdown to Christmas commences at our Little Owls Nurseries.
Guess who came to visit our settings yesterday?
Visit our little owls closed parents Facebook page with your little one to see if he visited your child’s nursery room.
Santa Claus Visits Little Owls

Our Christmas tree

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

Today our barn owls at Scarning have been very busy working as a team to decorate their Christmas tree and I am sure you’ll agree it looks wonderful.

With the decorations up around the nursery, there has been lots of excited discussions about Christmas and Santa!

“Mummy’s got tree”
“Look at the Christmas tree”
“Father Christmas has been”
“Father Christmas brings presents”

Well done barn Owls! Such a great team you are.

Decorating The Tree At Little Owls Baby Care Norwich (1)
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