We welcomed some lovely animal visitors

This morning at Little Owls Scarning we have had some very special visors arrive to come and say “Hello”, Kinder and Bueno the Guinea pigs.
We have all been very lucky to have the opportunity in turn to fuss Kinder and Bueno who loved all the attention given to them!
All of the children were fascinated to meet the Guinea pigs and showed great care towards both of them by gently stroking them and discussing all their different features such as the colour of their fur and their tiny little feet!
It was also a fantastic opportunity for all the children to hold lovely conversation with their familiar adult and ask questions about the pets with confidence. “He is very cute” “He’s a big Guinea pig” “He’s very soft” “What’s that?” “What’s their name?” “I have seen Guinea pigs before” “I have two Guinea pigs at home”
Thank you Colette for letting us all meet your lovely pet Guinea pigs, Kinder and Bueno.

Our children at our “Scarning Little Owls” had some very special visitors! Some gorgeous lambs!
The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting and greeting the fluffy lambs! It’s such a special part of the spring season, and for your children to meet some of the animals that are born this time of year! Meeting the lambs today beautifully links to Easter, and will further strengthen the children’s understanding of the world, and new life! They were all brilliant at lovingly stroking and caring for the two lambs; whilst making many engaged, enthusiastic comments such as “What’s your name?”, “What’s the yellow bit on their tummy? “, “Have they had their milk yet?”, “I think she’s so cute, can we call her Bella?!”, “Where’s her mummy?”, and “Do they eat hay?”! The children all had bounds and bounds of fun, and loved meeting & handling the lambs! Well done everyone!
We’d like to say another big thank you to Brendon and Amy who brought the lambs in to meet the children, without lovely people like you offering these experiences our children would miss out on things such as this! We hope you love the lamb card that the children made for you!