Celebrating “National Thank You” day

Thank You Day
This Sunday is National Thank You Day, a new day created to say thank you to all the amazing people who have helped us recently
In Snowy Owls we have enjoyed decorating some pictures for our NHS families to say Thank You for all they have done for us! We enjoyed picking what colours we wanted to use and had lots of fun making our pictures look extra special! We are going to sharing these with some of our families tonight, and we will also have some in the window for you to see!
Well done Snowy Owls, and a big Thank You to all the Key Workers!

Today in barn owls we have enjoyed taking part in our forest school style activity! Barn owls have enjoyed creating their own clay plant pots , they molded their pots by pinching, pressing and rolling the clay to make the shape of the pot barn owls have also enjoyed planting their own sunflower seeds today! They scooped the mud into the pots and the made a hole for the seed, we talked about what the seed needs to grow and about how tall they could grow! Well done barn owls.

This morning in Snowy Owls Scarning we ventured out into the wet grass garden and did a focused activity based on our current interest of construction and diggers!
We have been very lucky today and received some natural wooden cubes to add amongst our loose construction resources which the children really enjoyed, adding big and little diggers into the tray to build and construct tall towers!
Snowy owls had a fantastic time working as a team seeing how tall they could stack their cubes before the tower fell down again! It also provided a fantastic opportunity for Snowy owls to show off their mathematic skills, reciting In order from one to five and using language of quantities and size such as “my big tower”, “I need more”
Towards the end of this activity we also found a special red butterfly that visited the garden. Snowy owls shower great care and concern and loved taking turns to hold the butterfly in their hands and discovering its different features and colours!

Today in Snowy Owls Toftwood we have been getting excited for the football tonight with lots of fun football activities!
We have enjoyed making a big football banner, using all the British colours to decorate it, to hang outside! We have also been having fun making some of our very own England flags to wave during the match tonight! The Snowy owls were very observant in noticing all the flags had red on them!
Well done Snowy Owls.

This week’s Forest school at Toftwood Barn Owls is summer yoga ,today we have been talking about all our lovely beach trips and what animals we might find at the beach. The barn owls suggested “dolphins, crabs, the sun, jellyfish and ice cream!” We then created our own poses for these! Well done Barn owls great yoga.

This week in Snowy Owls Scarning we have been focusing on the topic of seaside & summer!
This afternoon we have had a very special focused activity out and have introduced sand back into nursery with a small group of children! As our topic is based around the seaside we have added a variety of resources such as buckets and spades, ice cream cones, boats and under the sea animals
Snowy Owls have absolutely loved this activity building sand castles, making yummy ice creams to sell and even adding their favourite interest of diggers into their play forming digger tracks and transporting sand into big piles.
During their play we had lots of conversations about trips to the seaside and what we enjoy doing when we visit!
“I’ve been to the seaside”, “I made sand castles at the sea side and it made me happy” “I have a bucket and spade at home”

This afternoon following our fire drill today, the children in Snowy Owls Toftwood were very curious about why we have fire drills. We spoke about how firefighters help put the fires out and how we have to listen for the fire alarm! We also spoke about when the fire alarm goes off and how we have to follow the grown ups outside!
We then followed this up with a fire themed builders tray! We covered our small world houses in ‘Fire’ and used the water to put the fire out! The children loved this activity and were excited to clean the houses! Great Job Snowy Owls!