Our forest school garden and Music and Movement

Today in Barn Owls Red we have had great fun in our forest school garden helping to plant some beans! we discussed the process of how a bean grows and what we need to help it grow. The barn Owls suggested “water, soil and the sun”. All barn owls showed great turn taking and sharing to help plant the beans.

Great work Barn Owls! We can’t wait to see how much they grow

This week in Snowy Owls Scarning we are focusing on the topic of music and movement.

Today we created a focused activity that involved lots of messy play that Snowy Owls currently really enjoy, music to dance and sing along too and lots of friends!
For “Movement” we placed down rolls of paper across the floor space with several paper plates filled with colourful paint We then got creative and took off our shoes and socks to paint with our toes and feet

For “Music” throughout the activity Snowy Owls requested their favourite songs and nursery rhymes to dance too which created lots of different patterns across the paper as they moved their feet!
All of the children thoroughly enjoyed this activity expressing excitement and showing fascination towards the marks they had created from their feet and toes Throughout the activity the children held lovely conversations with each other and this allowed them to form stronger bonds with their peers and familiar adults

“I’ve got blue feet” “There are lots of colours” “I have colourful feet” “Blue” “Pink” “Orange” “This is my favourite song” “I love dancing”
Well done Snowy Owls