A busy week so far. Outdoor fun come rain or shine

Exploring outside in our nature garden

Our snowy owls at Scarning have loved exploring outside in our nature garden in the rain this morning. Jumping in puddles, splashing in the tuff tray with shells, creating sounds with the drips of water that were falling from the pipe.

The most exciting part was finding lots of baby frogs which the children wanted to hold, observe closely and watch swim in the water. Our Little Owls love to explore the outside environment in all weathers and this is so beneficial to their development.

nursery handprints

Catching bubbles

Today at little Owls our children have enjoyed playing in our gardens and catching bubbles. Using the tyres and wooden beams to create obstacle courses in the garden and looking for bugs.

nursery handprints

Replanting herbs in their herb garden

Today our Barn Owls at Scarning were busy working together outside replanting herbs in their herb garden. They helped to pull out the old plants, turn in the new soil, plant lavender and some basil and parsley seeds.

We discussed what plants need to grow big and strong! The children also used their sense of smell and touch to explore the lavender plant.

We waited until the sun had gone down to water the seeds/plants and we talked about why it’s important to do this!

The horses loved the apple and carrots

Dibs and Barclay, the horses at Little Owls Scarning are as pleased to see the boys and girls again as the children are to see them!! Today the barn Owls enjoyed visiting them and feeding them some yummy carrots and apples.

nursery handprints