Outside in the Autumnal weather

Today in Tawny Owls Scarning we have enjoyed exploring the outdoor provision. We wrapped up warm as the weather has turned a little chilly- but that doesn’t stop us exploring the outdoor environment!
When outside our children had lots of fun confidently riding the scuttle bugs along with their feet and developing their balance and coordination as they walked along the obstacle course that we created with tyres and decking planks.
Our children also were enchanted by the mud kitchen and water tray. They all had lots of fun pouring, filling and splashing. We all had lots of fun outside.

This week in Snowy Owls Scarning we are focusing on the topic of “Seasonal changes”
Today we have created a tuff tray focused on the story of “Leaf man”
The children loved exploring the different shaped and sized leaves using their sensory features of touch, smell and sight to explore each individual leaf. Snowy Owls used lots of language also such as “A red leaf!” “Look at this big leaf” “Wow, there are so many”
We then extended this activity by using the leaves to create our very own leaf men with the added resources of natural twigs and sticks with then googly eyes to finalise them Snowy Owls loved picking out their individual leaves and organising them into a variety of shapes! They also used language such as “I love making a stick and leaf man”.
Finally we transported some leaves over to the craft table and used these to create some fantastic leaf rubbing pictures. Snowy Owls loved picking out the different style of leaves to place under there picture and using a variety of coloured pencils and crayons to the paper watching the leaf pattern appear! We will be using these pictures on our winter display board next week
Throughout the day Snowy Owls have really enjoyed listening to the story “Leaf man” read by all their familiar adults and have made great use of the leaves collected to extend their play in all areas of learning!
Well done Snowy Owls Scarning.