Pancake day at Little Owls

This week Little Owls Scarning have been doing everything focused around pancakes and as yesterday was pancake day we all took part in lots of fun filled activities!

Barn owls got creative and decorated their own pancakes by using a variety of resources and sticking on their favourite toppings from a selection! They all looked so good we could have eaten them all up!

Snowy Owls engaged in a pancake tuff tray filled with utensils such as sieves, weighing scales, frying pans and much more with paper pancakes. They all became chefs and using their fantastic imagination skills amongst their friends and cooking up some great pancakes!

Tawny Owls and the rest of the nursery all also had a very special treat at snack time and enjoyed a pancake and some fruit with a choice of sugar and or lemon as a topping to enjoy!

They all had a fantastic day and went home with a tummy full of pancakes! Happy pancake day.