Pasta necklaces and outdoor fun

Making Pasta Necklaces

As part of this week’s Rising 3s activity focussed on Mothers Day, the Snowy Owls Toftwood children have enjoyed making pasta necklaces and bracelets!
Using different coloured pasta, the Snowy Owls likes threading them onto the string to make their own jewellery for themselves and their mummies! We talked about which colours we wanted to use and what colours are our mummies favourites, and practised our manipulative skills threading the pasta.

Sound hunt

As part of our focussed activities our Toftwood Barn Owls took part in an outdoor sound hunt around the fire pit.
This a great activity to help promote our listening and attention skills by focussing on the sounds we can hear around us.
The children had a list of sounds to see if they could mark them off , such as cars, birds, wind and dogs.
The children really used their listening ears and all commented in what they could hear.
“I can hear the children playing”
“Birds are tweeting”
“I hear a bus”
“It’s a car”
“Listen, I can hear a aeroplane “
“I can’t hear a dog, there’s no dog”
“Listen, the fire is crackling”

A bit of pond dipping

Our Toftwood Barn Owls had another visit to the pond today for some dipping. The children were very excited. We all walked safely over to the pond and explored what we could find with our nets.
We didn’t see any frogs today, I think they were all hiding!
We managed to have a close look at the frog spawn and talk about how they will grow into frogs soon.
We can’t wait to come back and see how they grow into tadpoles soon.