Physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle

At Little Owls we understand our vital role in promoting physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our passion and work in this area earned our setting the Norfolk Active Future’s award in 2018.

Additionally, ‘keep learning’ is one of our 5 core principles in the way we promote good mental health and wellbeing at our nursery.

This year we are utilizing the multiple talents of Charley Nichol who has planned a wonderful programme of music and movement experiences for our pre-school children.

Charley has a huge passion for the arts and is a very talented musician and thespian. The dates and times which these will take place will be agreed at the beginning of each half term.

Currently Scarning’s session is Monday morning and Toftwood’s session is Thursday afternoon. The days and times will be changed every 6 weeks to ensure all children get to experience the programme.

We have purchased new instruments for the children to use in these sessions. We are already astounded at the incredible rate our children are learning about different notes, beats rhythms and tempos.

The engagement and enjoyment for these sessions has been exceptionally high, our children get very excited when Charley arrives with her equipment! We plan to showcase some of our learning at this year’s Graduation Ceremony.

In the mean time keep an eye on our Facebook page for pictures and videos of the sessions also.