Physical development – Sports days

This week in Tawny Owl Scarning our topic is physical development and today our babies have had lots of fun joining in with parachute and ball games. Our babies all sat around the parachute and enjoyed throwing the balls across the parachute. Afterward the babies held the parachute and enjoyed flapping the parachute up and down. Some babies enjoyed running underneath the parachute whilst it was in the air. Our babies had so much fun.

This morning our Snowy Owls Scarning have had a great time taking part in our Sports Day!
The children took part in activities such as a running race, tyre rolling, ball catching and throwing and even some digging too! Snowy Owls then used their own hand made medals to award to each other!
Well done Snowy Owls!
“Ready, steady… go!” “1, 2, 3!” “Race!” “Rolling!”

Today in tawny owls toftwood we’ve enjoyed a bean bag toss in the garden! Each tawny owl has had a turn to throw their bean bag in to the chalk circles on the floor! We had lots of fun doing this and we were full of smiles! We’ve also enjoyed lots of running games and ball games outside too!! Well done Tawny Owls!

This week in Barn Owls Scarning, we have been focusing on ‘Sports’. The children have enjoyed participating in yoga throughout the week, where they enjoyed copying the yoga poses from the Meddy Teddy storybook, as well as making up their own yoga poses for their friends to follow!

Today in barn owls we have had our very own sports day barn owls have enjoyed taking part in lots of sport activities this week like running races, bikes races and builders tray activities inspired by sports! Today we have our very own running race, we enjoyed racing with our teams, cheering on our friends and enjoyed collecting our medals and certificates at the end! Well done Barn Owls.