Potion making, library bus and much more this week

Today in Snowy Owls Scarning we have been enjoying the sunshine in the grass garden and making new friends with our Tawny Owl settlers
Whilst exploring, the children decided to create their own obstacle course using a variety of loose construction parts such as crates, tyres, wooden ramps and ladders with support from the adults. The children really enjoyed this activity,helping each other balance and encouraging their new friends to join. They also did lots of counting reciting in order from 1 to 10 as they balanced across the course and even using phrases from “We are going on a bear hunt”
We had a great time spending time with Tawny Owls and making new friends ready for September.

Potion making!

Today in Barn Owls we have been in the garden making potions at our potion station!
We used leaves, stones, water and powder paint to change how the potions looked and to be able to make different magic spells like the underwater spell and the witch spell!
First the Barn Owls washed the leaves and changed the colour of our water! Then they mixed them all together!
The Barn Owls enjoyed having the freedom of being able to use and mix whichever colours they wanted in their potions!

Little Owls Scarning in house Library

As of this week we have opened our in house library for all of our children to explore both during their nursery day and they can also now select a lovely book to take home to their families during the week or over the weekend.
Throughout the week little owls staff will encourage the children to investigate the new books and ask if they would like to take one home.
Parents are also welcome to communicate with their chids key-worker or familiar adult if they would like to select a book to take home to read together as a family
Nursery staff will ensure Covid guidelines are followed by regularly cleaning and isolating the books between homes and nursery! We will also be signing the books both in and out of nursery to ensure all stories are returned.
We ask that all families respect and take care of these lovely books so all of our families can enjoy them during their time at Little Owls.
We would love to see some pictures of you reading these stories at home on tapestry just like the following photos attached of Snowy Owls enjoying them today!
“The more that you read. The more things you will know. The more that you learn. The more places you’ll go.

This week in tawny owls we’ve been exploring our senses.
Painting activities require the use of lots of our senses and the children all thoroughly enjoyed using a variety of tools to create their pictures! With feathers, pipe cleaners and textured rollers, our tawny owls made some wonderful creations! We spoke about how the paint felt and what colours we could see too!

Well done tawny owls.

A visit from the library bus

Today Little Owls Scarning had a special visit from the library bus and had the fantastic opportunity to jump on board and choose books to their liking from a wide selection!
The children really enjoyed this experience showing great excitement when finding story characters such as “The gruffalo” and “Peppa pig”, they also loved being able to sit down and relax with a book of their choice before leaving the bus
All of the rooms have picked some lovely stories to enjoy over the next couple of weeks and we look forward to the library bus visiting again soon.