Mischievous Little Elf at Little Owls day Nursery

7th December: Cheeky Elf, he has opened the door on our advent calendar and has eaten some chocolate!!

At Toftwood, our elf has been practicing his yoga! The snake pose is his favourite!

The elf is spending his Saturday decorating the Christmas tree. What are you up to this weekend?

This weekend at Toftwood, our little elf has been awake very early and made his way into the nursery office! Our cheeky little elf has been taking some selfie’s using the photocopier!

9th December: Elf is making the most of having a quiet day at nursery and has taken full advantage of the craft table

Today our Toftwood elf has made his way into Sandra’s kitchen to do some pre-Christmas baking! What a mess He has made!