Pumpkins galore

It’s Halloween!!

Its nearly Halloween and we would love you to see our pumpkins we have created at both the Little Owl settings..

Fresh Pumpkin On White Background


Snowy Owls Scarning have been carving the insides of our pumpkin out ready to carve a face into it for our Halloween party tomorrow!

The children really enjoyed using the large kitchen spoons to scoop out the insides describing it as “cold and wet”.

They also discovered that the pumpkin had seeds inside, one child said “we can feed these seeds to the birds”

The conversation then turned to carving pumpkins at home with their families and the children asking their familiar adults what face they have carved at home!

They all really loved the added feature of the witches couldran and used this to mix it all together before putting the insides in sensory bags for them to explore throughout the rest of the day.

Barn Owls Yellow we have been carving out our Pumpkins 🎃 Barn Owls used their own individual spoons to scoop out the pumpkin!

The children talked about what they found inside them! We have displayed our pumpkins in our room ready for our Halloween party on Friday!


Barn Owls we have been focusing on Halloween.

Today we have enjoyed carving and scooping out our pumpkins!

We also enjoyed making sensory bags to explore how the inside of the pumpkin felt!

Pumpkin sensory tray

In Tawny Owls Toftwood, we have had a pumpkin sensory tray to explore.

The children explored the shapes and texture of the pumpkins and used their gross and fine motor skills to pick their pumpkins well done Tawny Owls!



This week’s home learning challenge is all about Halloween!

Today, the Snowy Owls in Scarning have enjoyed printing with apples and paint to create their very own Pumpkin Patch collage we would love to see if you can make your own pumpkin patches at home too!!