What a busy time we have had

Our Toftwood Snowy Owls had lots of fun playing parachute games today. They enjoyed wiggling it to make waves in the sea 🌊, lifting it really high then bringing it down really low. They also had the Hare and the Tortoise story 🐢🐇, then the children practised moving the parachute fast and slow. Fabulous Snowy Owl.

Our Barn owl children visited the local care home Eckling Grange. The children made some beautiful summer crafts with the help of the residents, and we all sang some familiar songs together. The children had learnt ‘you are my sunshine’ to sing to the residents, and one resident sang us a very special China song, which the children absolutely loved!

Our Visit To Eckling Grange

At Scarning, with the hot weather our Snowy Owls thought it would be nice to treat the horses to some apples and fresh water! The children had lots of fun caring for
The horses and seeing them splash around in the water to cool down!It seems a long time since the nice weather now!

Tawny Owls Toftwood have been very busy making a wonderful water wall for our children to enjoy. This morning we tested it out and the children have had a wonderful time pouring the water down the tubes using the jugs.

Our Toftwood Snowy Owls thoroughly enjoyed exploring different sounds on the wonderful music pallet that Beth made at home 👏. The children used a variety of tools to bang and tap, making beautiful music.

Toftwood Tawny Owls had a fantastic time playing in the mud kitchen. They had fun getting creative with all the natural materials, making mud pies, digging, mixing and having a real sensory experience.

Little Owls Scarning had a lovely educational visit from Norfolk Wild Encounters. Simon brought a selection of beautiful birds from kookaburras to tiny Tawny owl’s! All our children had a lovely time and were very brave and some children even had a go at a stroking and saying hello to the birds of prey!

Tawny Owls Scarning the children enjoyed exploring new activities in their outdoor area. The Tawny Owls team created a music station to explore: using different objects, natural resources and body parts they all enjoyed creating lots of different sounds and music!

In the tuff tray the children enjoyed exploring a fantastic small world set up with a wooden train track and trains. In the tray was added wood pieces which the babies extended their play and learning by joining the pieces together to create their own road and guided the trains along!


Barn Owls Toftwood have been busy creating their own pizzas in the mud kitchen after having yummy home made pizza for lunch today. The children used great imagination and used lots of different materials for the toppings. The children also enjoyed bug hunting in the mud kitchen too. Such a fun afternoon had by all!


The children at Little Owls Scarning have had a great morning preparing their lunch and making pita bread pizzas! The children had a range of delicious toppings to choose from, including peppers, sweet corn and pepperoni and enjoyed discussing textures, colours and smells too!