Raising money for children in need

Children in Need 2021
Today is Children in Need and in Snowy Owls Toftwood we have been doing lots of lovely colourful craft activities to celebrate!
Our children made Pudsey bears with playdough and created a wonderful splatter painting with balls and paint! Thank you everyone for dressing up and donating your pennies too!

Today in Tawny Owls Scarning we have been participating in some fun themed activities to celebrate Children in need. Our babies have enjoyed a simple baking activity of decorating biscuits with yellow icing and chocolate sprinkles. This activity promoted hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as they used spoons to scoop up the icing and spread it onto their biscuit and then used their hands to sprinkle on the chocolate drops.
We also enjoyed exploring the yellow playdough. The babies used rollers and natural resources to create marks into the playdough as well as using their hands to explore the texture!
Such a fun action packed day.

What a great morning of baking the Barn Owls in Scarning have had today ready for the bake sale commencing on Friday 19th, for Children In Need!
The children enjoyed measuring out all the ingredients, and mixing them all together ready to be poured in to cupcake cases! The children particularly enjoyed breaking the eggs, causing the slimy yolk to pour out! We hope you enjoy the cakes tomorrow.

Today in Barn Owls Yellow Toftwood we have been getting ready for our bake sale tomorrow for children in need.
Barn owls have been mixing ingredients to create chocolate rice crispy cakes, Marshmellow crispy cake and snowman biscuits.
Don’t forget your pennies!

We’ve been celebrating children in need in Tawny owls toftwood today! Our children have done a fab job and dressing up all in spots! Thank you to everyone who brought in some pennies to raise money for such an important charity, you’re all superstars!