Ready to welcome back more little owls

Ready to welcome back our little owls

Our Barn Owls Scarning nursery. All set up and ready to welcome back more of our barn owls this week! We can’t wait to see you!

We have also had a revamp and freshen up of our road garden this week, with the weather being so glorious our barn owls have spent a lot of their nursery day exploring the outdoors..

We so cannot wait to welcome back lots more of our little owls as they return back to nursery next week

Your key workers are all so excited to see you again

Louisa, Charlotte and Charley have worked extremely hard to re-create different areas for our littlest people to explore, learn and enjoy! We look forward to welcoming back more of our families to Barn Owls next week.

Chloe, Colette and Leah have been working extremely hard at Snowy Owls Scarning and have had a complete move around in preparation for us to soon be welcoming back more snowy owls to join us again!

Separating the room into 2 and ensuring the children in both groups get the same exciting and wonderful experiences and like for like provision!

We can’t wait to see you again soon!

Since our new covid-19 handover procedures have come into effect each week at our settings we create a new and exciting way for our children to enter their nurseries once they leave their mummies and daddies at their main nursery entrances.

This week at our Scarning little owls our children enter the world of Jurassic park.

nursery handprints
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course At Little Owls

Obstacle courses

Our snowy owls at Scarning had lots of fun building obstacle courses today with loose parts.

The children worked together to line up the different rescources and then took turns to each have a go, using a variety of physical skills to walk, run and jump and balance their way across the obstacle course.

Throughout the children were supporting their peers by holding their hand to walk across if they were a little wobbly, cheering and encouraging as they reached the end of the course!!

We also have a new outside wooden house which snowy Owls have made into an ice cream shop this week! This has created lots of imaginative play, turn taking, sharing and discussion of the children’s interests and days out with family.

“ my mummy can jump as tall as the sky”

“Watch me”

“I can run really fast”

“Me too”

“ mummy and daddy like ice lollies”

“It’s a bit wobbly”

“Would you like a blue and black ice cream”

“I would like this one please”

We are so lucky to have such a natural and beautiful outdoor provision for our Little Owls to explore!

Treasure maps

This morning Barn Owls have been making treasure maps! The children have had lots of fun making their maps using lots of different materials. Well done Barn Owls!

Personalised cards

This month our Little Owls Day Nurseries have posted out personalised cards to all of our children’s grandparents as we understand how much grandparents have missed their grandchildren during lockdown.

It is so lovely to feel appreciated with the below message received from a grateful parent yesterday.


“Daniel’s Grandparents were so pleased to receive their lovely surprise lockdown card from Daniel and the Little Owls team. Grandma had a few tears and loved how happy Daniel looked in the picture. Thank you so much. Little Owls shows time and time again how much they care.xx”

nursery handprints

Feeding the horses

This morning our Snowy Owls Scarning children have loved feeding carrots to the horses Dibs and Barclay next to nursery.

Dibs and Barclay enjoyed their yummy treats!🥕

Have you seen the horses next to nursery?

We often go and visit them as they enjoy the interaction. The children love being outside getting fresh air. Everyone is happy!

nursery handprints