Remembrance day

The children in Barn Owls Scarning enjoyed making paper plate poppies in preparation for Remeberance day! The children enjoyed using red paint, painted on using recycled bottle lids and black chalk too!
“It’s sticky”
“I love poppies”
“Look what I made”
“I love it”
“I’m painting!!”

This morning in Barn Owls yellow we have been focusing on Remembrance Day. We created a poppy wreath making tray and whilst the children coloured in their poppies we talked about people who keep us safe and how today is about remembering them. Barn Owls then used their poppies to make a wreath which we have hung up proudly on the screen whilst images of poppies in fields is displayed. Barn Owls will also be taking part in the 2 minute silence at 11am.

Remembrance Day 2021

Today in Snowy Owls Toftwood we have been learning all about Remembrance Day, taking part in a variety of focused activities around this theme.
We have spent some time this morning making some pretty paper plate poppies! The Snowy Owls carefully added the paint to their poppy plates and sprinkled a little glitter on too! During the activity we spent time talking about people who help us and how we can show thanks towards them!
We also took part in the 2 minute silence at 11am; the Snowy Owls sat so nicely and watched a little children’s video all about a bunny rabbit in a poppy field, and after we talked about looking out for poppies in the fields when we are out and about!

For Remembrance Day Tawny owls Toftwood have been creating their own collage poppies, using paper plates, coloured card and glue. Tawny owls really enjoyed getting messy with the glue sticks and moving it around the paper plates. They used their fine motor skills to select the different coloured card and put this onto their individual poppies. Well done Tawny Owls for creating such lovely poppies for Remembrance Day.