Road safety

Today in Barn Owls Toftwood yellow we have been focusing on road safety.
This morning we used our chalk to create a road with a roundabout. We talked about how to safely cross the road and acted this out. We then played the light game using the green and red chalk one Barn Owl at a time was the traffic light whilst everyone else was in their cars on the road. We remembered that red light means stop, amber light means get ready and green light was go.
We had lots of fun playing this game! Well done Barn Owls.

Working at the car wash

This week in Snowy Owls Scarning we are focusing on the topic of ‘Road Safety’
Vehicles and small world is a very current and particular interest within Snowy Owls so we have incorporated this into our focused topic!
Today we have created a Car wash tuff tray with the resources of shaving foam, small world vehicles and warm soapy water.
The children in Snowy Owls loved getting stuck in to this messy themed tray, driving their cars through the piles of foam then rinsing them within the water acting as a car wash!
This activity was a fantastic opportunity for Snowy Owls to play as a group, sharing and turn taking with resources. They also held lovely conservations, remembering home experiences such as “Washing cars with daddy”.
There was also lots of language used such as,
“Look bubbles”, “Splash the water”, “I have a Red and blue car”, “It’s a car park”, “1,2,3 cars!” “Beep Beep”