Science, Animals and Chinese New Year at our after school club

This week at our Junior Hoots Afterschool Club we have been exploring the theme of Science. Earlier this week the children explored with making their own lava lamps! These were so successful and easily made using water, oil, food colouring and then adding a fizzy tablet! The children watched on in amazement as the tablet was dropped in and the bubbles began to form. It was lots of fun to watch.

Also this week at hoots our theme is animals. We have been making animal masks using paper plates, and joined in with an African yoga routine! Today the children made some hedgehog cakes! We melted the chocolate and used fondant icing to make the eyes! They look very yummy!

We have been showing an interest in the Chinese New Year 🧧 as it’s the year of the rat, the children had access to a variety of resources to create their rat masks! The children at hoots also love dancing and putting on different shows, with this some of us made a stage and performed dance routines with our friends!

The children at our Infant Hoots Afterschool Club have enjoyed making their very own delicious vegetable stir fry in celebration of the Chinese New Year. The children were able to take appropriate risks, using a knife to slice the vegetables and then stirring the mix as it cooked on the stove top. They used their senses to explore this activity in a wide variety of ways, smelling the different ingredients as well as tasting them too.

The end product looked absolutely wonderful.