Seaside, nature, bugs, Three little pigs and icecream!

Our ice cream shop

This morning, Barn Owls Toftwood have been outside in their new ice cream shop!

The children loved pretending to be shop keepers and choosing ice cream flavours. We also spoke about our favourite flavours of ice cream

nursery handprints

Three little pigs

We have been exploring our favourite books and nursery rhymes in Tawny Owls Toftwood this week! Today we created little pig masks using glue, tissue paper and various other materials!

The children loved wearing their masks and afterwards we enjoyed reading the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story!

Well done Tawny Owls!

Den building

In our snowy owls Scarning nursery the children have enjoyed den building in the nature garden, using a variety of open ended resources and loose parts. They showed excitement sitting in the den and discussing the sounds of the raindrops! The children worked together co-cooperatively to build the den and and add together different parts

Natural resources

In Tawny Owls Scarning we use lots of natural resources to enhance our babies’ learning and understanding of the world around them.

Natural resources come in many different forms, textures and consistencies, offering a wide range with which our children can engage their senses. This is especially important for our Tawny Owl rooms as our babies are likely to be experiencing seasonal changes for the first time. We use natural resources for mark making, construction zones, maths areas and sensory trays.

Here’s a few things we’ve been up to this week, alongside our new jungle changing room door display.

Why don’t you go on a scavenger hunt in your child’s outdoor environment and see what natural resources you can find!

nursery handprints

The seaside

Today in Barn Owls Toftwood, we have been exploring our theme of summer by creating pictures of the seaside with tissue paper.

We talked about our favourite things to do by the seaside.

We then used some shells to see what we could hear. One of our children said “I can hear the waves, they are crashing” we then used the shells to stick on our lovely pictures.

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Farm animals

This week in Barn Owls Scarning, the children have enjoyed exploring the topic ‘Farm Animals!’.

Within the builders tray, we have a fun and engaging farm for the children to enjoy, based on the stories “A Squash and a Squeeze!”, the children also loved listening to the story in the garden, where they discussed what animals are their favourite and why.

Getting messy

Today in Snowy Owls, we did some mop painting using large paper and mop heads.

The children had lots of fun exploring different painting materials and getting messy with all of their friends

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Searching for bugs

This morning Tawny Owls Toftwood have been searching for bugs in our new bug hotel!

Tawny Owls used magnifying glasses to hunt for the bugs and they found lots!! Well done Tawny owls!

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