Sensory tents, herb growing, muddy footprints, garden and room and more

What a busy week our Little Owls enjoyed.
Sensory tents, herb growing, muddy footprints, garden and room makeovers and busy boards.

This week at Little Owls Scarning we have been developing our open ended resources in both our Tawny Owls garden and our main soft surface garden. Laura our deputy manager has introduced busy boards to both areas allowing our children’s curiosity and wonder to develop whilst developing their fine motor skills and problem solving!

With our new Barn Owls starting to join us at Little Owls Scarning next week; the current Barn Owls children and team have created some wonderful new areas to explore! With a popular topic at the moment being Summer alongside current interests and the celebration of our British Values, we have a lovely seaside area to enjoy! This includes a picnic table and interactive ceiling and familiar beaches to discuss! We look forward to you joining us to explore!

Our lovely staff teams are currently in the process of revamping our safety surface garden area and incorporating some exciting changes for our children to enjoy over the next few weeks so please watch this space as we develop this area.
Also our girls have been creating some lovely changes within their rooms so please spend 5 minutes when you collect your little person in having a look around our lovely newly created environments.

Snowy Owls in Scarning have been using the change in the weather to lead their new arts and crafts play! We have been making muddy footprints for their new display after enjoying the rain this morning! Have your wellies ready this weekend as there is more to come!

Barn Owls have been experimenting to whether we can grow some more herbs out of our garden. The barn Owls filled their cups with water and chose which herbs they would like to place in their cups. Barn Owls will all be observing what happens to the herbs throughout the next few weeks.

Tawny Owls Toftwood have been exploring the sensory tent. The children have been watching the bubble lamp and exploring the sensory resources.