Settling in well at hoots holiday club

Settling into holiday club

These last two days, hoots have enjoyed settling back into holiday club and unwinding! We have had a lovely chilled two days after a busy term!

The children have enjoyed a range of craft activities and decorating our pebbles for Halloween. We have an exciting week planned next week with some spooky activities on offer!

nursery handprints
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Brain storming Christmas

We are having a fantastic time at hoots October holiday club, lots of arts and crafts, activities outside and playing with friends.
Hoots children have been busy planning what they wish to do for Christmas half term (only a few weeks left) please keep your eyes peeled for a email next week where you will be able to express interest and find out more information.
Here are our children’s brain storming ideas…
nursery handprints

Very artistic

Look at the hoot’s art work. Wonderful work, well done.


Lots of fun

Yesterday and today Hoots have been getting crafty making some skeletons and helping with our Halloween display!

We also painted some autumnal leaves and used different craft materials to decorate them!

Hoots have also enjoyed playing outside where we took part in lots of running races and football.


nursery handprints