Snowy Owls New Shop! Barn Owls Forest School

Today Snowy Owls Scarning have adapted their dome from a hairdressers to a little shop! Snowy owls have recently shown a real interest in the Wendy house cafe outside in the garden and the role play kitchen so we have extended this play further and created a shop for them! 🏦
In our shop we have a range of junk modelling items from biscuit tins to drink bottles. 🍪
We also have shopping baskets and paper bags to put our shopping items in! 👜
Not forgetting the shopping lists, receipts and paper money so we can spend some pennies! 💰
Snowy owls have really enjoyed this area extending their imaginative play from home experiences and it has allowed them to form lovely conversations with their peers and familiar adults! 🛒
Happy shopping 🛍

This week we began our forest school style activities in barn Owls.

We have designed fun activities that children can access outside while making the most of the outdoors and getting the benefits of nature which promotes a connection to nature and a love of the environment
Being outdoors also lets children have open access to lots of space and fresh air.
This week we made bird feeders and talked about helping to feed the birds during the cold and frosty days, helping to develop care and concern for living things.
The children listened to each other, responding to others as they shared their experiences of seeing birds in their gardens.
The children enjoyed hanging the feeders around the nursery and we will be keeping a look out to see the birds come and eat them.
Well done Barn Owls

Barn Owls – Animal Split Tray

This week in Barn Owls yellow we have created an animal tray split into sections for the different species. The children have an ongoing interest in animals and this will promote the different environments and encourage imagination play linked to these

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Today in Barn owls we have taken part in our Robot speech and language game . This game supports the children in developing their awareness of the initial sounds in simple words and begin segmenting and blending familiar words. We chose a picture card and sounded out the word like a robot then was able to feed it to the robot.
For example if the word was cat then they would say “C,a,t”.

Well done Barn Owls

This morning in tawny owls toftwood we have enjoyed a little sensory session.
The children have enjoyed exploring the bubble lamp and the colour changing light strands, as well as the textured sensory balls and various books!
We used lots of descriptive words while exploring such as ‘shiny’, ‘lights’, ‘red!’
The children were very invested in the sensory bottles and shook them to see the glitter and sequins inside move around, lots of sounds were made to show their interest!

Well done Tawny Owls!

In Snowy Owls Toftwood, our theme this week is Me and My Family!
The children have enjoyed exploring this theme with various activities including our newly updated mindfulness corner! We have been talking all about the feelings we feel, and what some of these faces might look like to others, imitating the pictures in the books! They also had fun spotting the various faces on the table, decorated by our very own Snowy Owl Children

Well done Snowy Owls