Spring is coming – we celebrate with spring activities

Today in Tawny Owls Scarning our babies have enjoyed exploring our “The tiger who came to tea” themed tuff tray. Our babies enjoyed exploring a variety of different play food items where they pretended to feed the soft tiger with the play food, pretended to cook by using the metal pots and mixing with the spoons. Our babies were fascinated by the visual pictures the could see and were able to point to the tigers in the pictures. Some of the children enjoyed creating “rarrr” sounds.
Exploring literacy at Little Owls is something we are very passionate about and embedding the love of reading within our children.
We love bringing stories to life with themed tuff trays.

Spring into spring with Little Owls!’

This morning our Snowy Owls Scarning have had a super time already exploring the open ended farm tuff tray which has been created for them to investigate!
The children used their senses to explore the different textures of the sand, straw, mud and water too! They loved mixing the different materials to see how they change and manoeuvre!
Snowy Owls had a great time using the diggers to scoop up the animals and straw as well as engaging in role play with the different farm animals they could find!
The spring farm animals sparked some lovely conversations with the children about spring animals, animals being born and which animals are each of the childrens favourites!
“I’m washing the muddy piggies” “green digger” “oink oink” “mooo mooo” “the cows make milk don’t they?” “I like the chickens” “I love the piggies too”

Today in Barn Owls, we enjoyed a spot of baking with Sharon
Following on from World Book Day last week we thought we’d make some gingerbread people as the Gingerbread man is one of our favourite stories. The children used their knowledge of the story to describe what the gingerbread people would look like
“He got two arms and two legs”
“He has jelly tot buttons”
“The wolf chased him”
“The fox ate him all up”
We explored the recipe and talked about the process and what we would produce at the end.
The children all helped to measure out the ingredients, mix them together, roll out the dough and each cut out their shape.
The children carefully placed their gingerbread people on the tray ready to go in the oven.
While our lovely biscuits cooked we all talked about what our gingerbread people would look like. We used a template to design our own gingerbread people. We discussed how many buttons they would have, if they would be happy, a girl gingerbread or a boy gingerbread.
“Mine is angry gingerbread man cos the fox ate him up”
“Mine has got lots of buttons”
“He’s a boy gingerbread man “
“I’m going to make mine happy”
We can’t wait to decorate our biscuits soon and take them home

Today we have been making nature faces outside!
The Barn Owls were able to choose from a wide variety of natural resources like leaves, pine cones, acorns and sticks which they stuck on with glue!
Some of the children made funny faces with lots of eyes whilst others made themselves on their plates!
Making faces helps our children to develop creating representations of people and what makes us unique!

Today in tawny owls Scarning we have been exploring a range of different natural resources and tissue paper to create our own spring flower!
The babies enjoyed experiencing a sensory play during this activity. The babies used their fingers to feel the sticky glue and also to explore the textures of the natural resources. The babies each took it in turns to choose the resources that they wanted to use to create their own flower with and grasped onto them using their hands.
When decorating their flowers the familiar adult spoke about the different colours and what colours we could see. All children had lots of fun.