St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

Happy St Patrick’s day from everyone at Little Owls Nursery

This morning we have been busy searching for Leprechauns who appeared over night! We had to search high and low to find them and kept a close eye on them so they didn’t get up to any mischief! We have also been decorating our shamrocks to hang up too! This afternoon we will be practicing our Irish dancing along to Irish music that Charley taught us in music and movement yesterday!

In Tawny Owls Scarning they have had an excellent time celebrating St. Patrick’s day with an array of fun activities such as painting with peppers and investigating the green treasure basket. The babies were immersed with the many green items such as bowls, feathers and paper as they explored each item with their little hands and feet. Some of the babies liked filling up the baskets with the paper and dispensing them into piles while other preferred to acquire their pincer grasp to poke and pinch the different textures.

We have been celebrating St Patrick’s day in Tawny Owls Toftwood today too! Our Tawny Owls have been using lots of individual pieces of green tissue paper to create a Leprechaun hat. Each child placed as many bits of paper on as they wanted and spread the glue around the paper! We talked about what different colours we could see and loved seeing our creations once they were finished!   Great work Tawny Owls.

The children in Barn Owls Scarning have been busy enjoying lots of fun activities. They have enjoyed decorating their own rainbows, as well as creating their own pot at the ends of their rainbows, which was then filled within a hidden surprise at the end of the child’s day! The Barn Owls also enjoyed going on a hunt around the garden and seeing how many leprechaun’s they could find hiding in the garden.