The Summer Has Begun At Hoots

The Summer Has Begun At Hoots!

It’s official the summer holidays have begun! With the six weeks stretching out before us, many will worry how to keep the kids occupied especially with the juggle of work as well (wouldn’t it be great if we got 6 weeks off too?) but as usual Little Owl Hoots after school and holiday club have it covered.

They have been spending time creating, researching and coming up with a number of ways to occupy the Hoots children throughout the summer holidays.

They have created a jam packed schedule of activities, days out, crafts and different weekly themes to keep everyone occupied, you won’t even hear an ‘I’m bored’ on their watch!

Character and Imagination Week

We are now coming to the close of the first two weeks, and boy have they been busy, the children were thrown into with their first week theme exploring the children’s favourite characters such as superheroes, Disney characters and Pokémon.

There was face painting, life size cut outs, dressing up and masks which all saw the children using their imagination and getting involved with the role play of their favourite characters.

Arts and crafts activities and builders trays all reflected the weeks theme and there was even a fashion show, hair braids and tattoos!

Days Out

The children all enjoyed a picnic in the local park, and a great day out at Gressenhall Rural Life Museum where the got to learn all about days gone by and what it was like to live in that age. It was clear from all of the smiley faces both children and staff had a great time!

Beside the seaside

As week two rolled around slightly quicker than everyone liked, and the heat seemed never ending the theme of the week seemed very fitting with Wet ‘n’ Wild-  beside the seaside!

The Hoots staff once again went above and beyond with the effort they put into creating a weeks’ worth of activities such as sand and water play, messages in bottles, treasure hunts and edible oceans as well as making a fantastic campsite role play area.

To cool everyone down lots of water flights were on the cards which are a favourite at Hoots and Little Owls!

A firm local favourite The Food Dude payed a visit and children got to make and of course eat some very yummy waffle sticks – we hope there is some left for us!

To keep everyone busy and tire them out for bedtime JD Coaching came to spend the day and the children got to participate in a number of sports like tag ruby, tennis, team games and much more! We can imagine we had lots of Hoots Owls sleeping well that night!

We are only a ¼ of the way through the summer holidays and the Hoots children have already done so many fun activities and had the opportunity to experience new things.

At this rate the summer holidays will go by in a flash!