Another amazing beautiful testimony from a very happy parent

Testimonies like this makes us all realise how proud we all are at our Little Owls Nurseries and why we do what we do.

A BIG thank you

Another amazing beautiful testimony from a very happy parent who we have had the pleasure of caring for both of her children over the years.
Testimonies like this makes us all realise how proud we all are at our Little Owls Nurseries and why we do what we do.

I wanted to say a ‘BIG’ thank you to you all. Jack had his last day at nursery last Thursday in Barn Owls Red Room before he starts his next adventure at big school.

The pack you sent home was such a lovely thoughtful touch, and very emotional to watch and one that we will treasure forever!

Jack has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Little Owls and has made some lovely friends along the way.

The staff are amazing and have always cared and looked after him so well.

We would not have chosen any other nursery to send Jack or our daughter Gracie (now going into year 6!) too.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Keep being amazing! xxxx”

More sports

What a fun-tastic day!!

At Little Owls Scarning we have enjoyed our 4th sports day of the summer!

Our Tawny Owls participated in running races, Snowy Owls had a dance-athon to all their favourite songs and our Barn Owls demonstrated how great they were at balancing and practised their hand eye coordination with egg and spoon races!!

At Little Owls we love exploring our outdoor provisions on a daily basis but our themed events such as sports day always get the children excited and raring for their day!!

What a brilliant couple of weeks we have had here at Toftwood little owl.

Our children have been enjoying their 4th sports day, which was fantastic. Our children practised skills such as balancing skills, ball skills, and listening skills.

We have been participating in lots of small games, as our snowy owl and barn owl children are interested in board games. This is so important for our children to learn skills such as turn taking, listening skills and when they find a challenge they are able to work out ways of overcoming these.

nursery handprints

Buying and selling flowers

This week Snowy Owls Scarning have changed and updated the nature garden!.

One of the changes was turning the role play hut into a florist with lots of lovely natural and open-ended resources for the children to explore!

The Snowy Owls children have had an amazing time buying and selling flowers with one another, using the flower props Some of the children even brought flowers to the practitioners as gifts.

This new and engaging area of the garden has really enhanced and encouraged the children’s speech; the children were using phrases such as “would you like some flowers” “Here’s a flower for you Chloe!” “Pretty colours!”

Space, shape and measure

Today our Snowy Owls Scarning children have had an amazing time learning about shape, space and measure!

They have been doing some categorising of toys on coloured areas of the tuff tray based on if the object colour matches that part of the tray!

The Snowy Owls children noticed some of their drink cups matched the coloured sections of the tray and they were able to match these to the correct colour too!

“It’s green!” “This is pink like my drink” “That’s red!”

Well done Snowy Owls

nursery handprints

Physical activities

This afternoon, Snowy Owls Toftwood have been busy doing some physical activities.

The children have listened to some of their favourite ‘Sticky Kids’ songs and joining in with all the actions.

Well done Snowy Owls!


This afternoon, Barn Owls Toftwood have been busy paining portraits of their families.

The children made some beautiful pictures of their loved ones.

Well done Barn Owls!

nursery handprints
nursery handprints