The run up to Christmas

Here at Little Owls we are now on the run up to Christmas, our Snowy Owls Scarning have started their Christmas present wrapping nice and early with a lovely wrapping station!
The children have used their fine motor skills in using scissors to help cut the wrapping paper and ribbon as well as peeling up tape and placing it onto the paper wrapping the gift boxes provided!
Snowy Owls have loved exploring a couple of Christmas catalogues too, using their wonderful imaginations to find a present and pretending that is what is in their gift boxes, then deciding who they are wrapping it for too!
“My present for me!” “I’m cutting it!” “Square!” “That’s red!” “Big one!” “Here’s a present for you”
Well done Snowy Owls!

Letters to Santa
This afternoon in Snowy Owls Toftwood we have been busy writing our letters to Santa! The children got to look at lots of different toy pictures and choose which they would like to add to their letter!
We will be giving our letters to Santa when he makes a special visit to our nursery in a few weeks time!!

We are so very proud to showcase to our families our Little Owls Christmas display that we have been asked to create in Dereham Library this Christmas time.
If you get the opportunity please pop down to the library with your Little Owl and view their amazing craft efforts. All of our children from both of our Ofsted Outstanding settings have contributed to this awesome display.

This week in Tawny Owls Scarning we have been getting into the Christmas spirit. Our babies have been enchanted by our handmade Santa sleigh. They have had fun climbing in and out of and sitting in the sleigh. Our babies were memorised by the tinsel. They loved the feeling of it and explored it with their hands. Lots of fun was had and we can’t wait to continue our Christmas activities next week.