The vet has been to Little Owls!

This week in Tawny Owls Scarning we have been exploring ‘Harvest’.
Today our babies have had so much fun exploring a vegetable patch tuff tray. This was filled with different sensory textures such as straw and soil and an array of vegetables.
Our babies investigated the different vegetables using their senses.
Extending on our tractor visit and our children’s high level of interest in tractors, the tawny owls decorated their own tractors using a technique of car/tractor wheel rolling in paint.
Lots of fun was had by our little ones.

This week in Snowy Owls Scarning our children are learning all about Animals!
Today we were focusing particularly on farm animals and we created a sensory tuff tray including straw, natural resources such as pine cones, pumpkins, butternut squash, potatoes and parsnips for the children to explore alongside the farm animals and farm vehicles!
Whilst exploring this tray one of the children was speaking about milking the cows and was holding a toy cow up to their friends saying “Milk teats!” pointing to the teats where the milk is from!
To follow this interest on one of the practitioners decided to create a messy tray based on this concept of milking a cow! We got a rubber glove and pierced holes in the end of the fingers, filling it up with milk and then squeezing the rubber glove fingers to release the milk into a metal pot! The children had various other resources such as milk lids and scoops to transfer the milk as well as cows and tractors to move in the milk too!
Our Snowy Owls loved this experience which was just like milking a cow – great job Snowy Owls!
“Milk from the teats!” “Squeeze” “lots of milk” “big cow” “litttle cow” “blue… green!”

This week in Tawny Owls Scarning our topic has been all about space. One of our children’s interests is lots of sensory play. Today we created a space sensory tuff tray filled with flour, glitter and laminated stars for our children to enjoy.
Our babies had lots of fun exploring the tray using their hands and fingers to move the flour and glitter around and to create lots of marks. Our babies also had fun sprinkling the flour from their hands back into the tray. Our babies were intrigued by the yellow laminated stars they found in the tray and had fun showing the familiar adults.
Lots of sounds were created and words were used such as “whoosh” and “star”. Our Tawny Owls had lots of fun.

Visit from a Vet
Today at our Toftwood nursery, we have been lucky enough to have a vet visit and talk to us all about his job and making animals better when they are poorly!
The vet came and read us a story all about Mog the cat going to the vet, and even brought in his own pet, a very special tortoise called Thomicina, and the Snowy Owls and Barn Owls loved stroking her shell and her head too!
The children were very curious about the tortoise and used lots of language to describe her, exclaiming “look, tortoise coming out the box!” and that she had a “hard” shell! They also noticed she was “still like a statue!” and very slow in movements too!