Tiny Talk Baby Signing

On Monday 21st January the teams at both Little Owls Toftwood (see more) and Scarning (see more) completed their fresher training in baby sign language. This was with the Tiny Talk Nursery Programme. Learning to communicate with our babies before they can speak.  An award-winning Tiny Talk baby signing class.

What is Tiny Talk baby signing?

Baby signing is using simple signs and gestures with babies in order to help them to communicate before they can talk.

How will this benefit my baby at Little Owls?

Research has shown that using signs can help develop your baby’s language skills. Babies taught baby signs often learn to speak sooner and have richer vocabularies than non-signing babies. Baby signs can also alleviate a baby’s frustration. This avoids the need for the baby to be totally dependent on pointing or crying to communicate their needs. Using signs will also help to boost your baby’s self esteem and will enrich interactions between your child and their carer.

Using Tiny Talk baby signs at home and the nursery.

The team at Little Owls Toftwood and Scarning have learnt a range of everyday signs to use with pre-verbal children who attend the Nursery on a day to day basis. Thus helping your baby to communicate their needs to yourselves and the nursery team. The success of these new communication skills greatly depends upon the successful partnership between nursery and home.

We are fortunate at Little Owls that the nursery has received full accreditation from Tiny Talk. This is due to the nursery investing into this programme for our staff children and families.

Baby signing is very beneficial for children’s communication and understanding. Thank you to Maria from tiny talk (their website) for providing the training and to our wonderful dedicated staff for attending tonight’s training evening.