WOW what a absolutely totally awesome week at our Little Owls Day Nurseries.

Mud pies, music and movement, staff noodle now training, mobile library visit, getting messy, storytelling, parachute play, staff medium term planning evening, tawny owl walks, cake making, sticky kids music dancing and heuristic baby play.
WOW what a absolutely totally awesome week at our Little Owls Day Nurseries.

Here at Toftwood we have been busy completing some training courses. We have been completing our first aid refresher and our food hygiene training courses. Well done team

Barn Owls Toftwood have been making some yummy cakes. The children helped to measure out the ingredients and mix and whisk them all together. We can’t wait to taste them later

Tawny Owls Toftwood have been for a walk in the pushchairs. The children got all wrapped up and went for a walk with their key persons to the local park. It’s great for our Tawny Owls to explore our local area and engage in new experiences.

Snowy Owls Scarning have had a visit from the library bus! This week Snowy Owls have been focusing on “friendships” so today we worked as a team to select books of our interest and books that relate to some topics we would like to explore in the coming weeks!
We look forward to sharing our new books and reading them together until our next library bus visit.

Our staff teams from both settings met together tonight to complete our medium term planning for spring term. We look at our children’s interests as well as the over arching themes in the world around us and link these to plan fun and exciting activities for or little ones.

Snowy Owls at Toftwood have enjoyed being in the mud kitchen today. They all used natural resources to role play with the utensils lots of muddy treats have been made in our mud kitchen today, well done snowy Owls.

Tawny Owls Toftwood this morning have been busy getting messy! The children explored the paint with their feet and made marks on the large paper. Such a lovely sensory and creative activities for our little ones.

Our babies at our Little Owls Scarning nursery have been investigating the sand tray with a variety of heuristic resources. The babies have been engrossed in creating marks in the sand using the twigs as well as their little hands. Some of the babies introduced the metal cups and spoons into their play, where they scooped up the sand and had a fantastic time filling and emptying the sand. They talk about how the sand felt in their hands as well as examining the sand. What a fun morning in Tawny Owls Scarning!