Transport, flowers and small animals

Snowy Owls Scarning have been focusing on transport this week as this has been a very big interest of theirs recently!
Snowy Owls have loved exploring the new car ramps in the garden throughout the week so today we incorporated these indoors with our own small world cars and marked out distances on the floor to see how far our different transport can travel.
During their play Snowy Owls have been showing us their mathematics skills by reciting numbers in order and using lots of language such as “1,2,3 GO!” and “ready,steady go!”

As part of our garden topic this week, Our Toftwood Tawny Owls have brought a bit of the outside indoors today. They have been busy investigating the garden builders tray, digging in the soil and exploring the pretty daffodils 🌼 and carnations 💐.
Together they all planted a sunflower 🌻 seed in a little pot to take home. We’re so excited to see how tall your sunflowers grow 🌱 🌻 .
Well done Tawny Owls 🦉

Following on from our wonderful grandparents cafe’s spring topic, Our Barn Owls have shown a lot of interest in flowers and growing. Today they wanted to make flowers with the play dough. They chose pink as the colour of the play dough and used their motor skills to roll the play dough in their hands to make the stem and then rolled a ball to make the flowers. Children used language linked to flowers, leaf, petals, showing knowledge and understanding. Well done Barn Owls.

Snowy Owls Scarning have shown great interest in the small world animals recently so this week in Snowy Owls we are doing a topic based on animals and we have chosen to focus on “under the sea”. We have started the week off by looking at sea animals in frozen blocks that are submerged in water 💦 The children loved looking through the ice to see what animals they could see, the octopus being the favourite with his tentacles sticking out of the ice block 🐙 A lot of the children were also describing the textures by saying how “cold” it was and how “slippery” the ice was in the water.
They all really enjoyed with activity throughout the morning and enjoyed watching the ice slowly melt and the animals slowly appearing one by one in the water🐋🐠🦀