Union Jack flag rice tray

Today in Tawny Owls the babies have absolutely loved exploring the Union Jack flag rice tray for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! The children thoroughly enjoyed using a wide variety of different utensils such as spades, and spoons made of different materials such as wood and metal; providing a great opportunity for the children to explore different textures! The children had a whale of time using the utensils to scoop and pour the red, blue, and white rice in to bowls within the tray, letting them explore pouring with their arm at different heights, and pouring at different speeds! We discussed how the Queen has corgis, and asked the children if they have any animals at home! We also talked about the different colours that make up the Union Jack flag , and asked the children what their favourite colour is! Furthermore, we discussed the texture of the rice, describing it as “bumpy” and “hard”; the children using a fantastic range of senses, their ’touch’ sense and ‘sight’ sense! Really well done Tawny Owls!

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