Water play, butterflies and much more

Our Snowy Owls Scarning the children have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in an open ended activity with lots of natural resources and loose parts; using their fine motor skills and fantastic imaginations to make patterns and arrangements with all the different the parts!
The children each had some wood or a log slice to make their arrangements on; the children particularly liked making faces with “two eyes, a nose and a big smiley face!” as well as making lots of at stacking, “building some towers”
“I have two” “two eyes, a nose and a big smiley face” “I have a leaf” “there’s lots of shiny ones!”

In Tawny Owls Scarning we have been participating in lots of water play as this is a big interest for many of our children currently. Today we have had lots of fun washing the dollies using bubbly water and flannels. We spent time washing the dollies and making them all clean. Some of our children were able to identify the different body parts on the dolls throughout their play experience.
Continuous provision and children’s personal interests were incorporated into this activity whereby some of the children brought cars into the water tray and others enjoyed making big splashes in the water with their hands.
As you can see we all had lots of fun!

Tawny owls toftwood have been exploring our sound tray. Using pasta, rice and various coloured objects, we’ve been using our senses to create lots of different sounds! We used our fine motor skills to scoop up the pasta and pour them into our cups, after this we sealed up our cups and used them as shakers! The children thoroughly enjoyed making music with their homemade instruments.

Today in tawny owls we’ve enjoyed some dancing! Not just any dancing, we’ve been messy dancing! We created a masterpiece with our feet, dancing along to music and making marks with paint! the children were fascinated by the feel of the paint between their toes and laughed as they wiggled around!

Well done Tanwy owls.

Our barn owls at our Scarning setting this week have enjoyed creating symmetry butterflies.
During this activity our barn owls spent time experimenting with mixing colours, discussing colours and the different shades of colours created when white paint was added. The children spent time creating their own patterns with the mark making tools provided and then engrossed in discussion with their familiar adults what would happen when they folded the paper over- would the pattern be the same or different?

“Caterpillars turn into butterflies and they catch pollen for their food”.
“I have butterflies in my garden”.
“ I made light green”