We are celebrating Autumn

So 31 years ago this week we opened our first nursery and since 2nd October 1989 we have successfully been providing outstanding childcare to the local community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated and extremely loyal Little Owls staff teams who have supported us over the past 31 years and to our amazing families who without you we wouldn’t have the fabulous nurseries we have today

Thank you

Autumnal resourses

Barn Owls Yellow have been exploring autumn this week with lots of autumnal resources in the tuff tray.

The children talked about what could have made the holes in the leaves. They said caterpillars and bugs.

We also talked about weather changes and all the different colours we are seeing now.

Lots of exciting things to see and do during this wonderful season.

nursery handprints

Goldilocks and the three bears

This week in Snowy Owls Scarning the children have been focussing on the ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ story book!

We have created an autumnal Goldilocks and bears house for the children to investigate with various open ended resources!

They have really loved exploring this during the week alongside their friends!

Funny Grizzly Bears Flat Icon Set

First Aid

This week at Little Owls Scarning Jo, Charlotte and Kirstie have all completed a Paediatric First Aid Refresher course.

Usually it’s at this time of year that our staff team all attend ‘how to save a babies life’ training, but due to the current restrictions on face to face training, our staff team are all completing the paediatric first aid refresher course to refresh their knowledge and enhance their professional development.

Well done ladies!

The bears final week

For the final week of Bear topic, the Barn Owls in Scarning have enjoyed exploring the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’.

The children have enjoyed lots of fun activities around this topic, such as making their own bear collages, making muddy footprints using wellington boots and brown paint and exploring snow themed sensory bags too!!

They have also enjoyed exploring a builders tray, themed on the story book too, giving them a fantastic opportunity to recite their favourite parts of the story!!

We have had a brilliant week with bear hunt being one of our favourite stories here at Little Owls!

“We’ve got to go through it”
“Uh oh”
“It’s mud”
“It got one wet nose, its a dog!”
“This is the cave”
“Stomp stomp stomp”

Exploring their environment

Today at Little Owls Scarning marked the first day of our adventures and exploration based all around the theme of ‘Autumn’.

Snowy Owls had a great time exploring this tuff tray themed around autumnal natural objects, metal cooking resources, weighing scales, tweezers and magnifying glasses.

The children spent time pretending to cook with the conkers and pine cones, transporting objects, talking about weight and measuring, exploring our curiosity of examining the objects closely with the magnify glasses and using the tweezers to develop their fine motor skills.

What fun our snowy Owls had today and so many areas of learning met!

nursery handprints


Today in Tawny Owls Toftwood our babies have been exploring the dinosaur small world .

They all enjoyed making lovely dinosaur sounds in play and playing alongside their friends.

They used the different textures of the bark to make different marks with the dinosaurs.


Today our snowy Owls at Toftwood have been showing an interest in technology by exploring the ex display mobile phones that were kindly donated.

They children pretended to press the buttons, phone mummy and daddy and talk to each other on the phone.

Well done Snowy Owls.

nursery handprints

Little mermaids

Snowy Owls have had lots of fun listening and dancing to the Little Mermaid.

They pretended to be fishes swimming under the sea, blowing, catching and popping bubbles.

nursery handprints