We have been learning about germs

Today in Barn Owls Toftwood our preschool children have been learning about how germs 🦠 are spread, following on from having the glow box from break land council last week. Our children explored how quickly germs are spread through touch, the staff in both rooms asked one child to put their hands in glitter then observed how this ended up on their peers, grownup and on equipment. Our children found this fascinating at how quickly it can be spread from one person to all their friends. We also looked at how we wash our hands and sang “happy birthday song” twice during this demonstrating how long we need to was our hands for. Well done Barn Owls.

This week Snowy Owls Scarning have been doing lots of activities based around science, today they have been learning about the importance of bad germs and hand washing! Our tray consisted of various monster germs, laminated hands, warm soapy water, soap bottles, sponges and cloths! The children really enjoyed using the various cleaning materials to wash the hands and wipe the germs away! 💦