Welcome Brunch, Big Garden Birdwatch & Making Binoculars

Welcome Brunch

This morning, we held our welcome brunch at Little Owls Scarning. This is where we invite our new families joining our Tawny Owl Nursery to come in and meet the team as well as joining in with lots of lovely activities.  We also enjoyed a lovely brunch together, and chatted amongst all of our families to get to know you all.  This morning was a huge success and we very much enjoyed meeting you all. We look forward to welcoming you all to nursery very soon!

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Big Garden Birdwatch

Barn owls Red this week have been exploring a lot of activities based around ‘ big garden birdwatch ‘ .  Barn Owls have had the opportunity to make their very own binoculars to then participate in bird watching within a variety of gardens ,Barn owls took our their very own bird checklist to identify which birds they could see !
‘ it’s a black bird !’ HB
‘ Its in the sky !’ ABY
We have also got these checklists available as part of our home learning for this week too .
Later this week we have had the opportunity to decorate a large robin colouring page from an observational drawing aspect of looking at photos beforehand .
In Barn Owls Red we have also been looking a the life cycle of a bird , Barn Owls clearly identified that we find baby birds in a’ nest in trees !’ IW
Linking in with our phonics this week we have been looking at the letter ‘p’from this we have choose two word’s which start with the letter ‘p’, we have been exploring the words , ‘ parrot and peck ‘ around our group times we have been holding a group discussions,
When asked about a parrot we discovered ,’ they are a pirate friend !’ , ‘they are colourful ‘ ,’ they are on a pirate ship!’ ‘ we find them in a tree !’ ,’ they talk!’ .
We then changed our discussion linking in with the word ‘peck ‘ , ‘ making a house !’ , birds peck ‘ , ‘pecking at the tree ‘ , wood pecker pecks ‘ , they use their beak !’ .
Well done Barn owls

Making Binoculars

For world garden bird watch week, Barn Owls Scarning have today enjoyed making their own binoculars.  Barn owls used a variation of different craft materials to decorate their binoculars including felt tips, different coloured feathers, tissue paper and sequins !
Once all Barn owls had made their binoculars we went outside to explore the nature garden with some different species tick lists to see what we could find, we were very excited to find two birds nests in the trees
Barn owls sprinkled some of the bird seed we made last week onto the floor and we even got to watch a little robin come and munch some for his lunch
Well done Barn Owls Scarning