Little Owls day Nursery Well Being Week

Wow! What an amazing well-being week, we had last week! On Friday we held a dress up and donate day, a cake sale and donated food and toiletries to the Trussel Trust, for families in need. We are so overwhelmed with all of the donations and have already taken over a huge delivery for families in crises. We are also delighted to announce we have raised £300 for Denver’s journey! We are so thankfull for all of your donations and know that these will have a great impact on many families lives! We hope all of our children and families enjoyed this week and hope that by raising awareness the important of well-being, this will have a positive influence on the children’s future. #well-being #littleowls #nurseriesindereham

Thanks go to everybody who made last week so successful. For holly for our fabulous staff yoga well-being sessions to our well-being course of our staff to our fabulous parents and staff for all of their support

So excited and very proud to see this in the local press. Please have a read. Derehan Times News piece

This is what it said…

“Little Owls Day Nurseries, which is based both in Toftwood and Scarning, played host to a range of wellbeing activities during the week commencing Monday August 13 and was built upon the ‘five ways to wellbeing’ approach, encouraging the adults and children to connect, keep learning, be active, take notice, and give back.

Activities included a no screen day, team building games, and an active play and stay for families.

Justine Watts, nursery director, said: “We are committed to supporting the wellbeing of our staff, our children and our parents and we are so thrilled by the success of our first week of wellbeing.

“This is just part of the fantastic work we do to look after our people, which includes having open conversations about mental health and promoting positive wellbeing. We want our nurseries to be great places to work, to be cared for and to visit for everyone.”

Mindful meditation and yoga for the children and staff team also took place during the week which aimed to encourage those taking part to think about what they are grateful for.

The week included raising money for Denver’s Journey: Solving Kids’ Cancer, raising £300 in total, as well as collecting donations for the Trussell Trust in Dereham.

The Engaging People Company, which specialises in engagement, communications, and workplace wellbeing is supporting Little Owls with developing and embedding its approach to wellbeing.

Michelle Gant, company director, also ran a session for staff during the week and said: “I am so impressed by the commitment of the Little Owls team to making wellbeing part of the organisational culture. Wellbeing is a vital ingredient in increasing satisfaction, motivation, and engagement in the workplace and companies which make this commitment will benefit hugely.

“As a parent, I think that it is absolutely fantastic that Little Owls is placing such importance on wellbeing. This is great for the staff, and for the children who will learn from a very early age that looking after themselves, and each other, matters.””