What is our Hoots holiday club like a child’s perspective

Read below one of our children’s account of our holiday club

Jenson’s story…

I ring the doorbell, then Laura or one of the other girls like Meg or Shannon or Charley come and say Hello and I go in with them.
When you walk in the hall it always looks fun, sometimes when there’s lots of kids there you feel a bit nervous. Then you see other kids you know from school or when you went to nursery, that’s good. There is always loads of people to play with, I’m most happy when my old friends from nursery are there. We go to different schools now but you still get to see each other in the holidays that is really good!

The grown ups at Hoots are kind, they help you sort out any problems or look after you if bump your head or fall over or something. I like playing with the adults too like cards games with Laura, or any games.
I like it when there’s a sports day, you do loads of different things and win medals.

The best thing about Hoots is having loads of friends to play with all day. I have a lot of friends at Hoots, and you always get to meet new people.

The Trips are really funny when we go in the cars, you play games in the car then get to like Gressenhall, or bowling or High Lodge. On one trip at a Farm we went on a big big tractor, I sat with Shannon.

You should go to hoots because its always fun, the grown-ups are fun and nice they’re not like teachers they are just fun. You literally play all day, go to the ICT suite, do cooking, play outside, that’s just the stuff I like doing the best. There is other stuff too, the girls like colouring and barbies and dressing up stuff. But yeah Hoots is really good”

By Jenson aged 7