World science week

This week Snowy Owls Scarning are celebrating world science week so to start the week off we have been making junk modelling rockets! The children really enjoyed choosing the different resources to make their rocket such as milk bottles, water bottles and kitchen rolls! They also used lots of craft resources such as sequins, stars, pipe cleaners and much more to make their rocket stand out! They will be put up on display later today with our science board, please feel free to come and have a look at our very own made space!

Today in Barn Owls the children have been doing some colour mixing. They talked about how they can make it lighter and darker. The children took turns to choose two colours to mix and guess what colour it was going to make

As part of sensory week the children have been helping to make some weather sensory bottles! The children helped to make sun, rain, lightning and snow bottles with resources such as glitter, pipe cleaners, sequins, ribbon, foil and straws!
Tawny Owls have had a lovely time exploring the bottles later in the day, the have been shaking them lots to see how they move and change!
Well done Tawny Owls Scarning!