Yoga Music and Sunflowers

Today in Tawny Owls Scarning the babies had such a fabulous time celebrating international Yoga day with one our Yoga champions Charlotte!
The babies took part in some fun farm themed yoga where they were immersed with animal illustrations on the yoga cards and had a wonderful time interacting with the farm puppets.
To conclude the yoga session, some of the babies liked listening to some of the animal sounds. Horse and sheep where the firm favourites of the little Owls!

Happy National Yoga Day!
Snowy Owls Toftwood have enjoyed practising their yoga moves this evening! We’ve been practising some of our favourite mini me yoga poses and we’d love to see your favourite too! In Snowy Owls our favourite poses are Lion, Boat and Tree pose!

Today in Barn Owls as part of our Focused Activity programme we have been planting sunflower seeds . This is a great way for children to learn the process of growth and observe changes over time.
The children all focused and explained their own knowledge and understanding by discussing what we would need to plant the seed and how we can help it to grow.
“We need soil”
“A spade to dig”
“A watering can for the water”
The children all planted a seed and helped to water them.
We are excited to watch them grow and see which one will be the tallest.

Today in Tawny Owls we have taken it in turns to explore the sand in small groups. The children used spades and rakes to move the sand around and make different marks! They explored the texture of the sand, and played with the different animals They were all very engaged in this activity and showed lots of curiosity! Lovely playing Tawnys.

Snowy Owls Scarning have been having a lovely time exploring “music and movement” this week as on Monday it was World Music Day!
This morning we have had a lovely time exploring the sunshine in the nature garden all whilst making some homemade instruments using open ended resources!
Snowy Owls loved this activity and enjoyed using their instruments for group time too, making lots of lovely music!

This week in Snowy Owls Toftwood we have been celebrating Music Around the World with lots of fun activities!
We enjoyed an exciting music session with Sarah-Beth where we spent some time learning some disco dance moves, such as The Seatbelt, The Proud Mary, and The Carwash!
We also had fun taking part in some Disco Dance Party Yoga, where all the Snowy Owls copies the moves wonderfully!
We then spent some time doing some Disco themed sticking! The Snowy Owls enjoyed decorating some disco pants and disco boots with lots of glitter and Pom poms!

The Barn Owls in Scarning have been lucky to receive a special music session from Sarah-Beth to celebrate ‘Music from around the world’! The Barn Owls enjoyed making music and sounds using different musical instruments and resources! The children also enjoyed some dancing and listening to African Music! We were also lucky enough to learn some Kenyan words!!
Thank you Sarah-Beth for this wonderful opportunity!

Today in barn owls we have enjoyed taking part in our forest school style activity! Barn owls have enjoyed creating their own clay plant pots , they molded their pots by pinching, pressing and rolling the clay to make the shape of the pot barn owls have also enjoyed planting their own sunflower seeds today! They scooped the mud into the pots and the made a hole for the seed, we talked about what the seed needs to grow and about how tall they could grow!