Exciting activities for our holiday club this week

Schools out and the holiday club girls have planned lots of lovely activities for you all to enjoy over the course of the week.

Today at our Hoots Holiday Club we celebrated the people we appreciate! It’s has recently been Valentines Day and it is International Friendship Week this week. We decorated biscuits using some melted chocolate, marshmallows and sprinkles. We discussed with each other the reasons why we appreciate the special people in our lives and also made them cards or pictures as a wonderful gift. The children were very thoughtful and said some lovely things. “Mummy is really kind” “She does nice things for me, plays with me and cooks me dinner” “He is a kind and loving friend” “Everything! They are fun!” “She takes care of me well” “He’s a good friend because he helps me and plays with me” These are some of the lovely things our children had to say about their friends and family.

Our Hoots Holiday Club have learnt an exciting new skill! We have been embroidering our own book marks! The children concentrated really hard and picked it up really quickly! They demonstrated a lot of determination and enthusiasm. Look at the concentration on theirs faces.

What an absolutely fantastic time we had this morning bowling at our Hoots Holiday Club! We went out on an exciting external visit to Strikes this morning to enjoy a game of bowling with our friends. The children were so excited and all behaved brilliantly. The children demonstrated their fantastic bowling abilities, many even scoring a strike! It was a lovely opportunity for us all to interact with the wider community and for the children to support, cheer on and encourage their peers. What a lovely morning for our Hoots Holiday Club children.