Testimonials – Childrens Day Nursey – Childcare in Scarning & Toftwood Norfolk

Well what can I say, my daughter was with Little Owls Scarning from age 2 now going up to school this year and can say what a lovely nursery it has been. lovely staff very caring I would highly recommend them. My daughter will miss it hugely.

Jenna Dobbs

If anyone is deciding to go to this nursery, I cant praise it enough! They provided childcare when I was in a sticky position due to nursery not opening when my son was 2 and now my son is about to go to school and this nursery have nurtured and looked after my son so well! My family will miss little owls so much! x

Jessica Goodchild

My little boy attends Snowy Owls and I am continually impressed with all the care and support he receives. The staff and management team are fantastic and always go the extra mile to update me on what he has been doing, what he has learnt, new friendships and sharing key moments. More recently I attended the Mothers Day morning organised by the nursery. So much thought and attention went into this event and made it a truly special experience, the kids loved it, as did us mum’s. Thank you so much foŕ everything you do, I couldn’t ask for better care.

Bethany Victory

Our son loves going to Little Owls Day Nursery Scarning, he has been in Tawny Owls for 7 months and always has so much fun!

He adores the staff that care for him so much.

He has a fantastic relationship with not only his wonderful key person Beth but also Charlotte, Louisa and Susie!

He is happy to go into nursery and likes to play with the other babies! They do so many lovely activities with them including craft, yoga, sensory play and baking!

My little one loves to play outside in the amazing outdoor space what ever the weather!

We always recommend the nursery to our friends and family because we know it is the best around!

Thank you also to Emma, Ella, Justine and Jonny for all you do as well as a part of Stanley’s time at nursery

Samuel Brien

My eldest Izzy went to toftwood little owls and now her little sister Scarlet goes to toftwood little owls.
She has grown so much as a person in a short amount of time. Her confidence and character has come out a lot, she has a lovely group of friends and loves her key worker and nursery nurses.
highly recommended nursery.
Thank you for all you do.

Maria Rose Webb

From the moment we arrived unannounced to look around little owls scarning my wife and I knew our little girl should be here.

From our initial drop in to get some details Emma made us feel completely at home, even our daughter who goes to nobody wanted a cuddle with Emma. Going through the formalities was made simple and non clerical.

Settling days were offered and as first time parents we were apprehensive still at this stage. I even cried when we left Aiya-Grace. We arrived and spoke to Charlotte our daughters key worker and once again we were made to feel so at ease. Aiya-Grace loved her and we knew this was going to be a strong bond. Every member of tawny owls is incredible I can’t praise them enough!! From tapestry updates to phone calls, the activities and the level of work that goes into the children’s days is formidable.

Following on from her settling days Aiya-Grace does two days a week and literally cannot wait for each and every session. She can’t tell us this herself at the moment but from her body language and how much she smiles we know we have made the right decision for her future.

This nursery and the people who run, work and help keep it going are angels in my eyes. They all deserve medals for the service they provide. They have taken the childcare platform and raised the bar immeasurably. I feel safe and proud to say my daughter goes here

James Mortimer

I was incredibly anxious about returning to work, the thought of leaving my baby was a heavy weight on my heart and mind.. but as soon as we looked around Little Owls baby nursery (Tawny Owls) my heart and mind were immediately put at ease.

Firstly, the staff are incredible. From day one (when we were shown around the setting) our family were treated like part of the Little Owls Family. My daughters key worker spent time listening to my concerns about returning to work/leaving my baby for the first time and reassured me and took details about her routines/likes/dislikes and personality. The way Little Owls is run and managed is superb. We receive weekly news letters, information and policies.. details of local events and “what’s on this week” so we can keep up to date with what the children are learning about.

Secondly, the setting is brilliant! My daughter attends the scarning site, but I can vouch for both Toftwood and Scarning Nurseries – they are bright, clean, safe, fun and I’m always amazed by the sheer amount of resources/books/natural & wooden toys/sensory objects and themes they have each week. My daughter has had a ride on a real tractor that visited the site, fed carrots to the ponies in the neighbouring field, planted plants in the garden, learnt to climb the steps of the climbing frame independently – so she can slide down the slide (her favourite), played outdoors in the safe/rubber matted play area, baked cookies and cakes and painted/coloured/created all kinds of topical creations.

Learning is paramount at Little Owls, each week the nursery explores a particular topic or theme, for example “spring”, “under the sea”, “vehicles”, “farming”, “health & wellness” weeks…

Parents of children attending Little Owls can log on to ‘Tapestry’ (an online platform where your child’s individual key worker can share photos of your child at nursery), you can also view learning outcomes and keep up to date with the different stages of your child’s development.

But what REALLY makes this nursery special is the staff and nursery nurses. They do a fantastic job everyday. I have absolutely no concerns about leaving my child in the kind, knowledgeable and safe hands of her key worker and nursery nurses.

My daughter recently moved up to Snowy Owls (2+) and she LOVES it. Her key worker greets us every morning and gives a comprehensive update of her day when I collect her.

I love looking at the updates on Tapestry (which is helpful to put my mind at ease whilst I am working, seeing her play, happy and smiling is priceless and reassuring)..

I can not recommend Little Owls Nursery enough.
They are part of our extended family and I will be sad when my little girl grows too big to attend. Going back to work was hard, but Little Owls truly helped the transition and I can’t imagine life without the Nursery as a major part of it.

Thank you Little Owls, to all the staff, Justine & Johnny and Edens Key Worker who is literally a star ?

Cristi Sara

Both of our children have been fortunate enough to attend nursery at Little Owls Toftwood, and we cannot recommend them highly enough.
After looking at several nurseries locally, although Little Owls was further away for us we knew we had to send our daughter there, and then later our son. Staff bend over backwards to accommodate even the most fussy babies, and going back to work was made so much easier for me safe in the knowledge that my children were so well cared for.
Over the years we have seen that staff do not bat an eyelid about special requirements or needs, and the highest praise is surely the fact that our son speeds off as soon as we arrive without even a look back, happy to see the incredible, smiley and caring staff.
Furthermore, standards of care are extremely high, with staff well-trained, communication excellent and a well-deserved ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating. We could not be happier with our children’s care, and Little Owls is truly a very special place we are delighted to have in our lives, giving our little ones the best possible start. We’ll be forever grateful for their input.

Hayley Villardy

I cannot recommend Little Owls Day Nursery enough. The support that they have provided my son and our family has been outstanding. They always go over and above what is needed. My son started at Little owls when he was 9 months old and has always enjoyed his time there. I have found all the staff to be very welcoming, kind and professional. My son has been diagnosed as having generalised developmental and learning disorder. The staff have guided us every step of the way, offering advice, support and cups of tea. They made an individual support plan, which was frequently reviewed. They printed me copies of his progress tracker so that I could take them to show the paediatrician at appointments. We had frequent meetings to discuss my son’s needs and progress. They gave me some print outs of activity ideas for me to do at home to help aid my sons development. They filled in an Education and Health needs assessment to help my son get the support that he needs when he starts school.
My son’s keyworkers have also been so kind and caring towards him and he developed some really good relationships with them.
My son can find transitions quite difficult and with this in mind his lovely keyworker made a special box for Archie to take to school. It contained visual cards which they had used in the nursery and a beautiful scrap book full of pictures she had taken from his tapestry, of his family, days out and his time at little owls. This would be for the school to use in case my son was unsettled. This made me so emotional to think of all the time and care that they had put into ensuring that my son had a smooth transition into his new school. I am so grateful for his time in this setting and was very sad when he had to leave.

Laura Kellingray and Archie aged 4

On visiting, this was clearly the best nursery we had seen. Children and staff were happy, the welcome was warm and professional, and we loved the way our child’s routine was the primary concern; nursery fitted around their needs and not the other way round.  The key thinks we were looking for were, warmth, organisation, reliability, genuine concern. Somewhere we wouldn’t be worried about them whilst we were are work, where the care provide was as close to ours as possible.  Little Owls Day Nursery has provided our children with the skills, enjoyment and nurturing environment needed for them to grow and be happy.  Our children love Little Owls; the care is exceptional, and the personal relationships build between the children and their carers are truly touching.  We feel so fortunate to have found this wonderful place for our children’s incredibly important early years.