Celebrating May

Today, Snowy Owls Toftwood have enjoyed spending time playing with some natural play dough!
Using various sized twigs, leaves and flower petals, the children had fun exploring their play dough, adding the resources to change the shape, texture and even colour of their individual dough!
Some of our Snowy Owls also enjoyed using the twigs to create their own hedgehogs! We spent time talking about what the dough feels like, and the colours of the dough, as well as where they thought real hedgehogs might live in the wild!
“It’s bit sticky!”
“Look, I make big hedgehog!”
“Squash it!”
Well done Snowy Owls!

Today in barn owls we have been making a maypole in the garden! Barn owls helped to make the maypole by cutting up tissue paper and sticking it to a tall tube! Barn owls then enjoyed singing and dancing around the maypole despite the rainy weather!

Well done Barn Owls.

Our topic in Snowy Owls Scarning this week is ‘Nature’ we have already carried out lots of exciting activities following this theme such as bug hunts, minibeast house building and today the children have decorated their own pots and have potted seeds in them!

Snowy Owls watered these once they were planted and they were able to talk about the flowers growing after they had a drink of water! We will be popping these plants outside and watering them each day to see how quickly they grow in the sunshine!
Well done Snowy Owls!
“Seeds!” “Plant it!” “Having a big drink!” “It growing!”

This week in Barn Owls we are focusing on Transport.

During this topic we have been exploring different type of vehicles from cars to lorry’s , today we have been looking at our balance bikes sharing with our peers.

In the garden we have held our very own bike race linking in with Tour De Yorkshire which should of taken place this month, we have all cheered on our peers whilst having a mini race within the garden.

Today in tawny owls toftwood we’ve created a rainbow! we used welly boots to create marks this time! We stamped along the paper in our welly boots and discussed the colours we could see!

What an amazing rainbow!

Afterwards we enjoyed singing the rainbow song to further learn about colours Well done Tawny Owls!!