Giving some back

Today in our Little Owls Nursery settings our wellbeing day was all focused around “Giving something Back”. Our children experienced some fabulous activities all planned for from our amazing staff teams. The activities ranged from painting positive and kind messages on pebbles and then leaving them in special places for someone to find. Random acts of kindness such as creating beautiful pictures and artwork as well as creating special postcards to send to the residents of Eckling Grange residential home.

Children baked cakes for the staff and children and our babies delivered bunches of flowers around the nurseries to our girls. This was all topped off by the nursery offering complementary hot drinks for all of our lovely parents to enjoy on drop offs this morning.

What truly amazing staff we have employed at Little Owls and what a lovely day to enjoy these beautiful acts of kindness. With all the uncertainty that is going on in the world at this moment in time it makes us really appreciate just how lucky we are.

We are focusing on ‘giving back’. The children and staff have enjoyed releasing helium balloons in to the sky!! Attached to each balloon was a note of kindness, and a message for those who may find them flying into their garden! If you find one of our balloons, please pop a message on our Facebook page so we can see how far they have flown! This has been a tough week for families, staff and members of our community having to self-isolate because of vulnerability. It is of paramount to Little Owls that we can continue to put smiles on the faces of our families, staff and the wider community