Hoots breakfast and after school club

We are delighted to inform you that our after school club situated at Toftwood Infant School is currently rated as OUTSTANDING with Ofsted following an inspection in March 2016. We are also delighted to inform you that our after school club situated at Toftwood Junior School has also been rated as OUTSTANDING with Ofsted following an inspection in February 2017.

Hoots – Breakfast Clubs

Hoots offers a breakfast club which is situated at Toftwood Infant School. Our breakfast club is open from 7.30am – 9.00am and families  can access our breakfast club and all children have the option of having breakfast which includes a variety of cereals, toast and a drink between 7.30am and 8.00am.

Our breakfast club offers a wide range of activities including a selection of board games, construction toys, colouring sheets and books, with the aim being to provide a quiet and relaxing start to their school day. At 8.40am we depart from the clubs with Toftwood Infant and Toftwood Junior School children walking to school and those children from Scarning Primary Schools being transported to school in the Hoots vehicles.

Hoots – After School Clubs

Hoots offers Two After School Clubs, one situated within Toftwood Infant School with the other club situated at Toftwood Junior School.

Children from both Toftwood schools walk back to Hoots whilst children from Scarning Primary School are collected and escorted back to the clubs in one of the Hoots vehicles.

Both clubs operate from a large hall and offer a wide range of activities tailored to suit our age range of children aged between 4 to 14 years old.

Hoots also offers an extensive range of outdoor provision including tents, den building, sports equipment, outdoor toys and tools for exploring the outdoor environment. The children are also provided with lightweight hi-visibility jackets enabling them to access our outdoor provision in all seasons.

“The leadership and management of the club are inspirational. Managers are incredibly knowledgeable, highly skilled and show a dedication to providing the highest quality care for children. They are exceptional role models for the staff team who emulate the commitment and passion of the managers.”  Ofsted 2016

Hoots breakfast and after school club Toftwood
Hoots breakfast and after school club Toftwood
Hoots breakfast and after school club Toftwood

“The play and learning environment comes alive as children arrive and immediately begin to choose and use resources to develop their ideas and imagination.” Ofsted 2017

Currently, we also offer additional clubs over the course of the week. Our homework club whereby the children have the opportunity to read to an adult or complete their homework in a quiet and dedicated area is extremely popular with children and especially parents Additionally we also offer a cooking club, dance club and ICT club, all are well attended by our children and complements to the extra curriculum activities that Hoots offers. Members of staff are always on hand encouraging the children as well as offering support when required.Once a term our children design and produce their own Hoots magazine.This is totally designed and created by the children and is then published and distributed to all parents via E mail.

Children’s behaviour is outstanding. Children of all ages play exceptionally well together. They use wonderful manners, invite one another to play and develop a healthy respect for others. Ofsted 2016

In addition to these activities, Hoots provides the children with a home from home environment where they are able to play with all of their favourite toys, games and consoles including the Nintendo Wii and playstation3. There is also a soft furnished area within our clubs for the children to chill out and relax after a busy school day.